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Francesca Zak, Song to the Moon

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Image of Francesca Zak, Song to the Moon Image of Francesca Zak, Song to the Moon Image of Francesca Zak, Song to the Moon

Artist: Francesca Zak
Title: Song to the Moon
Year: 2021
Materials: graphite and water colour on printmakers paper
Dimensions: 42cm high x 29.7cm wide

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Francesca invited a group of artists to show alongside her work including
Momo Gordon, Henry Holder, Camille Thomas, Brigitte Podrasky, Celeste Stein, Gabriella Lo Presti, Naomi Kent and Zane Edwards

Everyone I asked to be in this with me are each artists whose works could act as amulets to help guide you through a dream; I’d been having dreams of wearing a necklace that would guide me through a slippery realm in between two viscous bubbles without popping them. I can imagine in this world wearing Naomi’s baguette dress to help leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way back, or even Henry’s shirts as the token that lets you pass safely on your journey, finding one of Brigitte or Zane’s ceramics in the soil, wrapped in mycelium. With Gabriella’s window acting as a portal's door, finding a home in Celeste’s carved dolls house and having Camille and Momo’s drawings be your memories of that place. Francesca Zak