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B. Anele, Southern Hardcore Magik Mesmerizer

$150.00 AUD

Image of B. Anele, Southern Hardcore Magik Mesmerizer Image of B. Anele, Southern Hardcore Magik Mesmerizer Image of B. Anele, Southern Hardcore Magik Mesmerizer

Artist: B. Anele
Title: Southern Hardcore Magik Mesmerizer
Year: 2023
Materials: Bleached and screenprint on unisex cotton T
Size: XL

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B. Anele is a Houston-based transdisciplinary artist. In efforts to emphasize the sacred nature of fascination, their work transforms familiar symbolism and commonplace objects into the provocative. An organic nature encompasses the work in its entirety concerning materials/mediums in conjunction with essence. Being mainly self-taught, their work maintains a sense of purity, maneuvering beyond canonical confines. Their perspective is inherently complex; filtered through Nigerian roots, blackness, spirituality, magic and queerness. Simultaneously haphazard and considerate, their practice is an ongoing experiment in producing physical evidence from a metaphysical exploration of existence. Working in an uninhibited range of mediums from performances involving 30 bananas and a jug of water to 10 foot long hypnotic paintings, B. explores their own progressive narrative within each facet of their work in an ambitious effort to proliferate acquisition of broadened consciousness. B. Anele has exhibited work in group and solo shows in Houston, Austin, Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland, and New York City.