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5 《会好吗》《will be better?》

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Image of 5 《会好吗》《will be better?》

Artist: Xu Jing
Title: 5 《会好吗》《will be better?》
Date: 2022
Size: 42cm high x 29.7cm wide
Materials: inkjet print on archival matt rag paper with a white border

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Excerpt from interview between Xu Jing and Jana Hawkins-Andersen in 2021

Jana: How do you compile a series?
Xu Jing: Time sequence, Space order, Emotional memory and dreams

J: Where do you live currently?
XJ: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

J: What do you think about when you are making work?
XJ: Love and beauty
It is also the reason why I still want to live and cherish time
I started to take pictures after I started living alone in
the past four years.
Quietly and frantically dispelling desires and fighting
pain, Like painting, listening to music, and writing poetry
before, It's all about training oneself to face death calmly

J: What is the role of instagram in your work?
XJ: I'm curious about the countless other small universes in the world, the Internet wonderfully connects distant places and concealed individuals,
It is a small signal transmitter and a small window,
Attract friends who pass by my own small universe
accidentally, I also look forward to someone stopping by the window
to admire each other, not so lonely

J: Is it difficult to access/use Instagram in China (I've heard the app is blocked)?
XJ: Yes, it's very difficult to use Instagram in China. My account disappeared somehow in March 2020. Then I registered a new account, which disappeared very
quickly, and then the account that I have been using now, is the third account. Until now, I don't understand why.

The closure of the account has of course a lot of impact, because the first account that was closed was used from 2012 to 2020. The records and memories
accumulated in the eight years suddenly disappeared all at once. It is a pity, but fortunately, the friends on old account had been found back a small part.

However, Buddhism says that everything in the world is impermanent, and change is eternal, so I faced it calmly. Everything may disappear at any time, so the current
account may disappear at any time, but I am ready to face it, just like our lives will suddenly disappear.

Xu Jing is a Painter & Photographer.
Born in Autumn in Chongqing, China, now living in Chengdu