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Georgia Taia, Tarai (shell chain)

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Artist: Georgia Taia
Title: Tarai, Shell chain
Year: 2022
Materials: sterling silver

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Excerpt from interview by Tracy Quan

TQ: I want to know more about your influences, are there sources of inspiration for

GT: I guess my main inspiration is I want to make things my friends would wear,
pieces I would want to wear myself, but they also have a cultural connection. I think
the work that I have created has been based around the idea of shells, pearls, and
things that have been shaped by the sea. So, when I started working with wax, I
liked that it looks watery and very fluid.

TQ: Tell me about the pieces you made for this show.

GT: So… my nana gave me a string of shells at my art school graduation show back
in 2014. All the pieces I have casted are of shells from that necklace, and it’s
symbolic of making with my hands again. My nana told me they are called pupu and
come from Mangaia. The shells are collected then buried for a few weeks, after that
the creatures that lived inside die and when it’s time to dig up are soaked and
washed out, a small tool is then used to create tiny holes so they can be threaded on
a string one by one, it’s a very lengthy process. In a way this work signifies my
transition to wearable sculpture.

…It’s a very experimental process. And I like silver, witches wear silver

This range is named after my nana, Tarai who I am also named after ♡